EnVision On-Demand: Economics


80% of the Training for 20% of the cost.
Custom simulators can cost $500K per refinery unit. They also require continual update to remain an accurate reflection of your plant.  High Fidelity generic simulations can teach the fundamentals, key controls, typical startup and shutdown operations and troubleshooting.

Custom Operator Training Simulators are great but…
they are your most expensive asset and typically require a senior operator to help train. Don’t use that asset for fundamental training that can be accomplished via cost effective EnVision platform. Our platform includes computer-based tutorials that are rich in content.

EnVision opens access to great content to non operating personnel.
Would it benefit your operations if other parts of your organization have a better understanding of how the plant operates. This is often costly.  EnVision opens the door to efficient training across your entire organization

Web delivery of content frees up your assets.
Allow anytime anywhere training while still having an instructor involved. Maintenance, hosting and upgrades are all included, and IT does not need to get involved.


EnVision On-Demand training provides anytime, anywhere access to rich learning content. Using an innovative SaaS solution, EnVision integrates computer-based tutorials and simulations. These courses are ideal for teaching the fundamentals of unit operations to plant operators, engineers and management in the oil and gas, refining, LNG, and power industries.

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