Generic Fundamentals Training

With a focus on fundamentals, and keen insight into the areas where students tend to struggle, GSE has established a long record of success within the training industry. GSE can benefit any training department, whether needs are long-term or temporary.

Our instructors are experts who teach GFE subjects all the time. We bring simulation and visualization into the classroom to augment the learning material. We know that hands-on experiences help illustrate theory and drive home practical applications. Our instructors continually evaluate student strengths and weaknesses and can offer remediation so every student achieves the best possible results.

The program is customizable based upon student experience and class size. It can be conducted onsite or offsite.

Course Content & Structure

  • Components
  • Reactor Theory
  • Thermodynamics


As part of GSE Solutions group, GSE Hyperspring supports operational excellence in the power industry. We leverage our highly specialized top field expertise in staffing, training and consulting to alleviate pressure from critical operational workforce reductions and critical knowledge gaps.